With every June Lite LED bulb you purchase, June Lite will plant a tree in HAITI or ETHIOPIA.

What makes June Lite LED bulbs different? 

The lights we SELL

Our bulbs are 6W bulbs, as a result pulling less on the grid. They are of the highest quality and  fit into all traditional medium sized sockets. June Lite LED bulbs are comparable to most quality soft white LED bulbs being sold at retail stores across the United States with the exception of providing a tree to another in a developing nation.  

The TREES we plant:

Multi-purpose – trees that provide a variety of useful products (e.g. fodder, green

fertilizer, & fuelwood) and ecosystem services (e.g. erosion control and soil




●Produces an abundance of leaf litter

●Able to grow back quickly after pruning, coppicing, or pollarding

●Able to grow in degraded, erosive, nutrient-poor soils

●Compatible with crops

●Deep taproot with minimal lateral root growth




"June Lite and all of our customers, vendors and partners will provide a manner in which to utilize energy more efficiently that protects people and the environment." 

June Lite Family Corporation