Exciting next steps for June Lite and Greener Ethiopia in Haiti

June Lite and Greener Ethiopia are embarking on an ambitious projects together to develop various rural communities in the south of Haiti alongside a group of dynamic actors of civil society. 

The goal is to develop, encourage and support the unfolding of sustainable communities.

June Lite will assist in the illumination and electrification of these areas. There are three provinces that June Lite and Greener Ethiopia are looking to assist - Fond des Blanc, Aquin and Miragoine. With clean energy options and health supporting LED bulbs, we are able to illuminate these areas in ways that will prepare them to live safer and healthier lives. We insist on working with reputable partners to build electrical grids that we can uphold and maximize with June Lite KIND Bulbs/Fixtures/Luminaries.

How Greener Ethiopia is helping

Ethiopian and Haitian farmers shared their coffee growing techniques, both countries have the perfect growing conditions for coffee and Haitian farmers can greatly benefit from this knowledge. While in Haiti we visited a farm in Belo, high in the mountains of Haiti where our Haitian and Ethiopian farmers exchanged ideas on how to best create fruitful crops yielding the best coffee beans.  

Coffee has been important to Haiti’s economy since the early 18th century. There has been a drop in coffee production in the past few decades but a resurgence is well underway.  

Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer in Africa and the world’s 7th largest producer, it has a lot to offer in ways of learning how to mass produce successful coffee crops.  

Arabica coffee, a well-known coffee here in the United States, originated in Ethiopia.