With every June Lite LED bulb you purchase, June Lite will give a Health Supporting LED bulb to a person in a developing country.


What makes June Lite LED bulbs different? 

The lights we SELL

June Lite soft white LED bulbs are of the highest quality and are Energy Star compliant. They are dimmable and fit into all traditional medium sized sockets. For all intent and purposes the June Lite LED bulbs we sell are comparable to most quality soft white LED bulbs being sold at retail stores across the United States.  

The lights we GIVE


June Lite Health Supporting warm hued LED bulbs are engineered to be less attractive to certain insects such as a variety of mosquitoes, sand flies and the kissing bug that are known to spread diseases such as malaria, Chagas and leishmaniasis. Our Health supporting LED bulbs are engineered to have a yellow-orange hue which is more difficult for insects to see. 


Our lights, as a result of the warmer hue, less blue in the spectrum, support our circadian rhythms by encouraging the natural production of melatonin to be created within our bodies supporting a better sleep pattern. 


"June Lite and all of our customers, vendors and partners will provide a manner in which to utilize energy more efficiently that protects people and the environment." 

June Lite Family Corporation


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