June Lite International


June Lite International is a partnership between 5 people from varied countries with the same goal - to create opportunities for global citizens to help lessen the carbon footprint.  The founding members are Monica Florville, Guirec Gouriou, Almaz Tseham Teklu, Moges Agune and Gebremeskel Tesfai. We are currently present in Dubai, Ethiopia and Haiti. 

At June Lite International, we are continuing our efforts to help as many people as possible transition to cleaner energy practices by using June Lite KIND Bulbs. This can be done by the simple flick of a switch.

We are building relationships with the international community teaching generations about clean energy practices, how everyone can be a part of the solution in the short and long term. How we can support our communities and the efforts being taken by our individuals, governments and others to preserve our earth by transitioning to sustainable energy practices.

We aim to light the world with June Lite KIND Bulbs.  We are acting as a partner and catalyst to all willing to spread light globally. With the purchase of each June Lite KIND Bulb we will donate a tree to 1 of 2 nations currently in dire need of reforestation - Ethiopia and Haiti.  


Ethiopia has positioned itself as one of Africa's leading nations with regards to clean energy initiatives. In 2015, at the COP21 Conference in Paris, Ethiopia was awarded for its ecological influence and initiatives leading it to being a leading green power in Africa. The Ethiopian government and people have made big strides in investing in wind farms, hydro electricity plants and solar electric facilities. When the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is completed and at full capacity, Ethiopia will have 6000 Megawatts of electricity courtesy of the Nile. The Ethiopian people will be in a position to sell energy to neighboring nations contributing billions of dollars a year to the Ethiopian economy.  

In the same vein Ethiopia has an organization that June Lite has been working closely with that is responsible for planting 30 Million trees across the Ethiopian landscape. The purchase of June Lite KIND Bulbs will help supply multipurpose, fast-growing (MPFG) trees to continue the successful reforestation efforts by this wonderful organization www.greeningethiopia.com. 


Having a presence in Haiti is mandatory for us at June Lite. There is progress on the ground in Haiti furthering clean energy initiatives. Steps are being taken to reintroducing hydro electric power by empowering Peligre, the main hydroelectric dam and by building another significant dam to aid in the contribution of said power. The use of wind and solar solutions are being promoted and embraced by the private, commercial and governmental sectors.

Haiti has suffered a lot of damage from climatic catastrophe this past decade and the rebuilding of the Haitian infrastructure is still in process.

The Haitian government and the private sector are entrenched in the process of rethinking the energetic fracture and the effects of global warming as a result of being exposed to some of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history.   

Damaged caused by erosion is widespread in Haiti. Helping restore the landscape with soil "hugging" Multi Purpose Fast Growing trees will help lessen erosion and the devastating effects it causes and promote a stronger economy.