June Lite Lifestyle

At June Lite we see light as being far more than an industrial process. We see light as a revolutionary way to improve our lives due to the comfort it provides us with. The right kind of lighting and the aesthetics that follow suit, makes people fall in love with moments. In this aspect, we are great admirers of Jean Noovel, the French architect, a person responsible for so much of what we know today to be impactful lighting in architecture. From an impressive 100 story building to a singularly lit statue, it is always the same aspiration to clarity and wellbeing when lights are involved.

In this aspect, light is going to fill our everyday life more and more: lightning in health care, light fidelity, green lighting, mood-lightning, our lives are being made better by it's presence.  It is our belief that most will be benefiting from one or several aspects of lighting. We at June Lite would like to to give you the most interesting feedback and help create positive experiences through our love of lights. We hope you invite us into your homes, businesses, institutions and spaces.