June Lite has teamed up with Pennsylvania based IndependenceLED and The First Light Project to create the Bright Light Relief.

There are multiple ways to get involved

June Lite KIND Bulbs: 

With the purchase of a June Lite KIND Bulb, June Lite will donate a LuminAID Solar powered lantern. 


IndependenceLED is a US Based Manufacturer of Commercial LED Lighting solutions.  For every $100 spent IndependenceLED will donate a LuminAID Solar powered lantern. 

First Light Project: 

With a $100 donation, The First Light Project will send 3 LuminAID USB Compatible (Phone Charging) Solar powered lanterns to areas that have been affected by the recent natural disasters 

"Thank you in advance for your willingness to help and get involved."

– June Lite Family Corporation, IndependenceLED and The First Light Project 

Lights are Security!

The destruction left behind by natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes bring out desperate reactions and actions by people in the affected communities. Looting, pillaging, random acts of violence, hunger and thirst driven acts of theft are a reality that take foot early on after electrical connectivity is lost.  

Power has not been restored in many areas in the Caribbean and in Puerto Rico power is out across the island.  June Lite is looking to help you GIVE light to those without power.  

Solar Powered Lanterns are the answer.  In partnership with First Light Project, June Lite is launching a worldwide initiative.  Maintaining a give one get one concept, we are introducing these Solar Paneled Lanterns to those in areas devastated most.

"Light, the gift that keeps on giving."

                                                      –June Lite Family Corporation