WE are on Renewable Now Network!


June Lite had the pleasure of siting down with Peter Arpin, the CEO of the Renewable Now Network to talk about our mission to bring Energetic Intelligence to as many people as we can.  

Peter understands June Lite and our mission at a core level.  He has been an active proponent of environmental protection and preservation for many years. The Renewable Now Network helps bring real news that influences the environment to the masses.  

Please listen in to our conversation where Nick Hunsaker,  another trail blazer on a mission, helps us explain energy intelligence and our parallel between what we are doing at June Lite and what he is ackomplishing at Honey for Haiti.  

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June Lite KIND Bulbs chosen as client spotlight for Black History Month 

June Lite has been working with great marketing, legal and financial teams all thanks to Start Small Think Big.  We have advanced at such a pace that has left us feeling humble and super fortunate. We are 10 steps closer to changing the landscape of energy consumption one KIND bulb at a time! Thank you Start Small Think Big for believing in our mission and loving the journey with us!