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We are IN LOVE
with our Planet

Our planet is vibrating with pure blissful energy in great part because of trees. We literally cannot live without them!


Trees provide us with oxygen.  They are a source of shelter to both humans and animals alike. Trees gift us with food and in most cases support and sustain the very land we build our homes and live on. 


Monica & Guirec

"We have identified the areas globally that are in dire need of reforestation. Currently we are working in Ethiopia and plan to begin our reforestation efforts in Haiti and Brazil within the next year."

We, Monica and Guirec, met during the unfortunate reality of a power outage in Haiti many years ago. Neither one of us would have ever thought, at the time, that 10 years later we would be business partners embarking on an exciting journey to help transmit a healthy form of energy through clean LED technology. Both of us having lived in developing countries (Guirec in West Africa and Monica in Haiti) we were all too familiar with the problems linked to an energy crisis.  It was obvious to us both that we had a passion for being a part of the solution to today’s energy issues but how to go about it remained a challenge. Through many discussions on the topic, we managed to identify the areas that needed immediate attention.

The most obvious issue was the use of energy draining light bulbs.  The most common light bulbs on the market today, such as incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs use too much of the power supply resulting in less energy available for the population.  Furthermore, these light bulbs contribute to polluting our environment such as releasing harmful mercury when improperly disposed of.

We understand that LED lighting is a booming technology; one that has the power to impact all aspects of our lives: health, ecology, knowledge, inner peace, just to name a few. We wanted to come up with a solution that would bring positive energy to as many people in as many ways as possible.

We looked into the simplest and most efficient way to have a global impact on this humanitarian crisis by using the benefits of LED lights for a higher cause. Just like that, on a sunny June afternoon, June Lite came to life: GET A BULB. GIVE A BULB.  For every June Lite bulb we sell, we will give one bulb to a person in a developing country creating a WIN WIN situation for the consumer, the recipient and our planet!

June Lite, the KIND bulb, was a natural choice for our slogan. Let's be KIND to our earth and to each other. It is that simple.

It is essential to us at June Lite that our bulbs be synonymous with the well being of all.


Monica and Guirec

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