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Welcome to a world where light connects you to the internet!


LiFi is a two-way wireless communication that provides consistent high-speed connectivity, unique physical security and has low latency for real time data streaming.


Through the use of LED light bulbs or an infrared tranceiver, LiFi technology enables you to build a strong dense, fluid and unique communication network.

LiFi is a more secure, quicker and healthier option to connect to the internet 

  • Utilizes LED Lights/Infrared Light – consumes less energy, a sustainable solution to connecting to the internet

  • Avoid the spectrum crunch: less saturation - in our experience, NO Latency!  

  • More security: because light can not travel through walls - the exchange of data is SAFE

  • Healthier – no radio wave exposure

  • Allow new form of interactivity – the ideal solution for SMART cities development and optimization

  • 100x Faster than WiFi

  • Geo Contextualisation: LiFi allows you to target information with a lot more precision within contained spaces or specific locations 

250 Mbps

Fast Downlink/uplink rates of up to 250 Mbps.


ITU G.9991

Reliable Guaranteed bandwidth. No interference. ITU G.9991 LiFi standard.


AES 128-bit

Secure AES 128-bit encryption. Communication area strictly defined. Light waves can’t penetrate walls! So, it’s as safe as wired communication.

How it works 

Plug and Play Solution

June LiFi systems modulate the light waves to transmit data using a transceiver.


Then, all you need is a USB access key, which can be plugged into your laptop or tablet to receive and send data.


Unlike other LiFi systems, it works whether the lights are on, dimmed or off.  So it’s 24/7, to match your life!

Conventional wireless connectivity solutions use the crowded radio spectrum to communicate. What’s more there are areas where radio frequency wireless connectivity is not permitted or the best fit.


NEXT LEVEL HEALTHY, ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND, SAFE INTERNET CONNECTIVITY! Use light waves to carry data rapidly, reliably, securely.


LiFi is a game-changing technology.

A quicker and HEALTHIER way to connect to the internet, oh and did we mention SECURE??? YES, SECURE.


Light cannot travel through walls providing a unique physical security.

How it works

We  Made History!

June LiFi pwd by Signify made history by installing the first ever LiFi solution in a scholastic environment here in the United States.  We are proud to announce our partnership with Lawrence Woodmere Academy in Long Island, NY.  LWA is over 100 years old but keeps up with the times in a very BIG way.  With the building of their all NEW state of the art STEM center, they wanted to bring in the NEXT 4th Industrial revolution technology - Light Fidelity, or LiFi.


LWA is adopting LiFi in their Robotics and Gaming room at the onset and will be ringing in the NEW YEAR by installing it in their main computing room in January 2022.

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