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Lets  Make 
A Difference!



June Lite is changing the global lightscape and landscape with our passion for lessening the carbon footprint

Join the Mission!

1 KIND Bulb

Tree Hugger

You appreciate great lighting and will stop to hug and admire a tree.

3 KIND Bulbs

Tree Lover

You place a higher value on great lighting and will stop your car, take a picture, get really mad at someone who kicks the trunk of a tree.  Sometimes you will fall asleep under a tree because you feel safe and in the best company.

6 KIND Bulbs

Tree Worshiper

You cannot live without great lighting.
You feel like every tree is a personal friend.
You will carve out time to visit with these trees, have a conversation with them, will name some and insist that you become one with a tree
when you pass. 

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